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Anyone ever had this happen? Not sure what to do



New member
Aug 28, 2019
My child's tutor goes to a psychiatrist at the same office I go to, although I see a different psychiatrist. She is friends with her doctor as she tutors his child as well. I recently confided to her that I was feeling anxious about an upcoming situation in my life. She mentioned this to her friend and psychiatrist. Apparently he looked up my file and told her not only which doctor I see but added, "Well she doesn't need anything mood altering for anxiety because her file says she had a problem with that about 20 years ago." Then my child's tutor started asking me about it, saying "You had a problem with anxiety meds?" I did at one time but this is definitely not something I wanted to discuss with my child's tutor. I am livid that he looked up my file, even though he isn't my doctor, and told her what it said. I know she is telling me the truth because the things she was telling me were all true and in my file. I like my doctor but am now looking for a new clinic just because he works there and I can't trust that my information is confidential now. The tutor told me she does not have insurance so he gives her free doctor visits in exchange for tutoring his kid. That's why I am a little hesitant to make a huge stink about it but I definitely don't want to let it go. Any advice how I should handle this?