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Anyone been through this?



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Jun 18, 2010
My dad recently was taken in to the priory as an in patient for his anxiety issues and OCD. He has gone into major depression which has quite badly affected my family, in most particular my mum. I have been searching for support groups for the family as I feel she needs to hear from others whose husband/dads have came out of this stage. I feel she has lost hope of the situation and would really like her to contact someone who has gone through the similar thing.


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Mar 28, 2009
Do you have the phone no for your local Mental Health Team? They will have a lot of information about support groups etc


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Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Hi, I have no practical advice like steve, just to offer sympathy. I have had depression probs but I got over it. The professionals have loots of ways of helping people to cope. It is important that your mum tries to understand what is happening.

Good thoughts to your mum.


Apr 7, 2010
South England
Hi XCat,

My wife has been suffering from mental health problems (BPD) for the last year or so. The impact on myself, our marriage, our teenage children and our wider family has been quite traumatic at times.
In my opinion (and this is just me) your Dad needs you and your mum now more than ever. You need to let him know that you won't give up on him.
I know that is easier said than done and by crikey I have been on the edge of throwing in the towel. But I just think how bad my wife must feel to want to end it all. I have lost count of the visits to A&E now.

That said you must never forget about YOU (and the the same for your Mum). It is really hard to keep going and you and your Mum need to talk to each other as well as find support from professional organisations. Your local MH team, MIND and OCDUK should be good starting points. Oh and the Samaritans are brilliant.

Pamper yourselves. Caring is REALLY hard work. You deserve every little bit of affordable indulgance that you can get. It is not an affront to your Dads care for you to have a bit of YOU time.

Also you will find support here. People who are going through/have gone through the same or similar situations. People who will let you vent off (and you really do need to do that) and know where you are coming from.

I think we are starting to get to grips with our situation now for various reasons. 1. We are getting used to it! 2. We are starting to understand it (I have done lots of research and passed it on to the wider family) and 3. My wife is "sort" of understanding it. Theres a long way to go though and I can't pretend it easy but some days are definately much better than others. Understanding the problem is the first step to helping you come to terms with the situation.

If you or you Mum need to chat you can PM me, and I am sure you will hear the same from many other people on this site.

Finally don't feel alone. There are plenty of people in similar situations. I doesn't make it any easier for you but it does let you know that you are not alone.

That is all, a bit of a ramble really but I thought I would let you know that you are not alone. xx


Carers U.K. is now alo becoming involved with people who care for the mentally ill. So that would be another contact. And get your mother to join a group = there are lots of them wh do voluntary work of all sorts, and she will be abl to offload a bi there and possibly find help. Take care

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