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any tips to stop feeling like i’m being watched all the time?



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Jan 28, 2020
so for basically my entire life that i can remember i’ve never really been able to feel completely “alone”. i think because i have maladaptive daydreaming disorder which was the worst between ages 11 - 15. i was super depressed and didn’t have many people i was close to, plus my parents were both seriously ill. so i’d basically just spend hours and hours in my room daydreaming about things like being taken to other dimensions or fictional characters suddenly appearing in my house. i’d vent to them about school or my parents instead of talking to real people. i still do that sometimes but now whenever i walk into a room i have to check in closets, cabinets, and the ceiling to make sure nothing/no one’s there, and i can never comfortably write personal things. if there’s something i don’t want anyone to see i can’t bring myself to do or write it, even if it’s about a fictional character or someone who will literally never know i exist. it doesn’t interfere with my life otherwise, but it’s still frustrating to no end. any advice?


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Jul 8, 2019
so i’d basically just spend hours and hours in my room daydreaming about things
yes I have had all this, it was due to isolation
which got better after I was hospitalised and went to the local day centre for a while
now I'm socialising elsewhere
but I will start to lose it if I get isolated again
having this forum is also a help

I think the powers that be can see a certain amount on surveillance
but most of the time they dont have time to watch everyone



Jul 1, 2020
United Kingdom, Stockton on Tees
There's nothing wrong with daydreaming. Some people use it as a way of escaping things that bother them. It's a form of distraction. Can you remember how you started coming to the conclusion that you're somehow being spied on?

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I wish I knew how. I just wanted to say sorry you feel this too...I am always being watched. I feel like I want to cry or lash out because I am so sick of it but at the same time I am used to it and laugh about it when I can,, laughing about it helps me to feel less bothered by it but I really don't know how to stop feeling like this..it never stops. I wish I could help. :hug1:
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