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any takers?



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Aug 8, 2008
I would like to meet new people who have had similar experiences to myself. I don't make friends easily and people without experience of mental health issues find it difficult when i suddenly drop off the radar for a few weeks because of my illness.

Firstly I use MSN a lot, I am signed into it most days. So if anyone would like to form a friendship with me please ask for my msn details. Listening to friends and supporting them helps me to feel useful. I value my friends very highly.

Secondly, if anyone would like to meet up that would be fun. We could travel to different parts of the country to meet new people and each person can show others the sights in their home town. I live in Cambridge I would be happy to show anyone around.

In the past i have tended to hide away from the world but am actively trying to become a part of it now.

Any takers?


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Feb 29, 2008
Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire.
I would be honoured to be a friend.

Hi, If you would like I would be glad to be a friend, I am looking to make some friends on this forum. If you would like my MSN details just say, if not I understand. I know how long trust takes to be gained so I totally won't be bothered if you don't want to be friends. take it easy, c-ya.