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Aug 19, 2009
My daughter began to self harm at 16, she is now 22. She is suffering from 'depression' and it was suggested that she had issues with her biological Dad and she received psychotherapy to deal with these issues along with a cocktail of differing anti depressants (none of which seemed to help) She eventually confronted her Dad and everyone (professionals) were convinced she'd be ok but the depression continued and in fact has gradually got worse to the stage that she is constantly thinking about death although she does have 'UPS' as we term them, she is happy and very creative for short spells and enjoys life for a short while. Things came to a head recently and I took her to the hospital as she stopped taking meds and was constantly screaming, clawing at herself and crying even once she'd withdrawn from the drugs. She saw another Psych who suggested that she may be 'mood intolerant' but is reluctant to label her 'bipolar' as her 'ups' don't last long enough and she is only 22. Her regular Pysch is still convinced she has 'issues' with her past and it is so frustrating as this clearly isn't the case and when asked he can't say why he thinks this is the case and doesn't really seem to have a clue what the real problem is.
Her GP prescribed mood stabilisers a few days ago and its too early to say yet whether they will help but when she sees her regular Psych on Tuesday i know he will not be happy about it but he rarely sees her and when he does he just nods and scribbles down notes and suggests upping dose of latest drug he is trying out on her.
Basically her symptoms are - general low mood,poor sleep pattern, highs for short spells and lack of any faith in mental health service. She has seen so many different people and noone actually seems to know what is wrong, she hates psychotherapy and finds its a waste of time as she says she has nothing to talk about.She is a high achiever and has just got a Degree despite all her health worries and landed a job which she starts in October. She hardly drinks, doesn't take drugs or smoke and is the sweetest young woman when she is herself but I fear she getting 'lost' forever due to the lack of professional help out there. Anyone had similar experience. Sorry if I haven't explained this all that well but is there any light at the end of the tunnel???


Hello & welcome to the site.

There is little to no comprehensive help & support out there. Although there is some.

Drugs/medication - Can sometimes help; & sometimes it doesn't. Medication is not a cure; & although it can help in some cases; I think that mediation should be looked at as only one potential part of treatment.

Medication can be very strong; & have many long & short term side effects. Medication 'works' on altering the functioning of the brain - it is not an exact science - & often long lasting & major brain changes can occur as a result of meds. Withdrawal; & a balancing back out from medication can sometimes take years, & sometimes very severe & long lasting withdrawal effects can occur. Some changes in brain function from meds can be permanent.


All people have different physiological & psychological make ups. We are all individuals. Some people can respond well to meds - while others can have potentially very severe reactions to them.

I was put on prozac at 21 - shortly after I seriously attempted suicide - & I do think that the suicide attempt was in part caused by a reaction to that particular drug.

The fact is that there is no definite causes or reasons for anyone's MH condition; & no one really knows exactly what is going on. People are very individual, & each case is different. There is no either/or reasons, IMO.

The Orthodox largely goes with the Bio Medical model - that the main cause(s) are biologically based - genetic/brain chemistry. Although the orthodox is becoming more accepting of other perspectives to mental ill health.

What I think can be very helpful, is all of the practical day to day things, that are good for everyone's health - Don't take drink/drugs; have a good sleep/wake cycle, exercise, eat well & regularly, minimise stress & relax as much as possible, & have a good social support network & people that you can talk to. Try to live in as therapeutic & as healing an environment as possible.

I don't personally think that there is any one cause to these states - that people can get into. But that things are part of a complex or a spectrum.

It could well be that there are environmental influences & causes; which coves a wide area. It may be that an aspect is inter personal relationships. Another is social causes. Psychological aspects. Maybe something in diet or an allergic reaction. & there are many theorised potential causes. There are the opinions that the predominant causes are spiritual as well.

In my own case - I see things as being a bit of a lot of things. I do tend to agree that some people appear to be physically/biologically predisposed to react in certain ways; & be prone to depressive states & illness. But I see this as but one part of the picture, or as one section of the 'pie chart' of cause.

To my understanding there is physical/mental(psychological)/& spiritual aspects to my condition. & I try to address each. This is of course very much dependant of how we view our beings & identity. Some people go very much with a linear/materialistic/scientific view - while others don't.

I do hope that you daughter finds the help & support that is right for her & that she recovers from what she is going through.

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