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Any help would be of great use



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Jul 27, 2014
Only ever hurt myself a few times when life got too much.

Life is very stressful atm but I thought I was kinda coping. Can't get thoughts of self harm out my head right now going over and over in my head what I wanna do....anyone no any gd distraction techniques?


Tell yourself, you don't need to do that stuff anymore. Give yourself a hug. Laugh for no reason. This will get happy chemicals dancing round your brain again. Listen to music you like and do a little boogie. Put yourself in your feet. Suck on a piece of chocolate and really taste it. You're beautiful and this will pass, as all things do. This is how you feel now. Be kind to you, you're stronger than you think Love D xx


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Jan 5, 2011
The key, to me, is not to try to banish the thoughts - that makes them stronger. Its to let them appear and just acknowledge them, then pull your mind gently back to something else. Doing something VERY simple, like eating some chocolate slowly and with relish, is a good thing as its gradually replacing the power of these thoughts with something positive. But do the positive thing slowly and stay in the moment of doing it. When the SH thoughts appear, just say, "Ok, I hear you, but I'm busy right now".

I am not a fan of all the techniques like twanging a rubber band or drawing in red pen instead etc, as these mimic the self harm in a safer way. But they reinforce the thoughts of self harm by this.

Look up Mindfulness - a good site, I mean, and try to do something from that. Its not meditation, its just how to deal with the moment. You are in good company here, a lot of us have self harmed.


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Jul 27, 2014
Thanku all. Today I nearly done it...held the object to my body...made a superficial scratch n topped myself. Seeing my psychotherapist tomorrow dunno how to start the conversation though for help I get shy an embarrassed....xXx
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