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Any experience on fixing/coping with anhedonia?



New member
Nov 20, 2021
Dallas TX
Besides supplements, I found a lot of peace coming from Kundalini Yoga. Some of the kriyas are pretty amazing in helping me with my darkness. I suffer from symptoms resembling some sort of drug-induced mental issues resembling schizophrenia and it has brought me great comfort and peace. Like everything you've probably run into, results come and go but the difference is real and well worth the effort you'd put into it. One example I can give is the way you feel frustration before - it can be heavy and ruin your entire day. Darkness can wash over you and drag you down in the mud consistently. Post-yoga practice, such feelings simply come and go, and don't feel dark. There in essence, is a great source of light you begin to draw from regularly that is practically medicinal and can help you through your bad days.

I still suffer from my conditions, but without Kundalini Yoga specifically, I'd be lost. Plenty of home practices on YouTube, though I prefer Maya Fiennes practices personally.


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Aug 1, 2021
How is it working out for you?
Yea it worked a little bit… then my sleep schedule was against circadian rhythm’s and I was not taking it consistently and done random thoughts can become billions of thoughts that I can’t concentrate. My PS prescribed Escitalopram 10mg .,, it’s too early to tell whether it’s worked on my lack of attention
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