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Any alternatives to mindfulness meditation?....



New member
Jun 4, 2020
I have a plan to start an 8 week mindfulness meditation course from next week... but having Pure O mainly sensorimotor OCD I've tried mindfulness meditation before and I found the focusing on breathing difficult 😳

I was actually wondering if anyone knows any alternatives to mindfulness meditation? Like any other forms of meditation which would help with OCD but aren't centred around breathing? If that makes sense!!

Thanx in advance for any and all help :) x


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Jan 30, 2019
This new version of meditation gets on my nerves. The stuff the new wave of 'coaches' come u with.
First of all anyone with anxiety or depression needs to be very careful of meditation.
Second, sitting in a room full of people, cant understand this. My alert would be on overdrive with my eyes closed a room full of strangers, how can that be productive to a meditative state. I then tune in to every movement and sound I cant see. Not a good idea for me or anxiety prone folks imo.
TM at home alone quietly, try that.
Transcendental meditation. Look into it. No need to sit crossed legged on a mat, in any pose, no sounds required, no talking. Anywhere, anytime.
Breathing is massively important, effects your mind. Breath fast and shallow like you would in fight or flight, you will be in that mode by breathing alone.
I think youre trying to do too much, master breathing, by yourself, then do a bit of TM at home, it can be just 5 minutes, whatever you can do.