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Any advice?



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May 12, 2008
Ive been on the full dose of prozac for years,60mg also diazepam as I still get very stressed out,my problem is when I go to bed and wake up during the night there is a big black dog there,like a saint bernard,I just stay under the covers but he dont go away,I am so worried about him i cant even get up to go to the toilet and have just wet myself,I dunno whatto say to the doctor,Im sure he aint got a pill for that! If I go out for a walk at night I can sensethe dog following me,its kinda scary,sometimes I get the idea if I go up somewhere high and jump the dog wont come and Ill be rid of him. I dont really know my doctor as I have only been up there several times and get a diff doc each time,thanks


This may sound strange but have you tried talking to him? asking his name & what he wants etc.

I once used to get where I was convinced that the Devil was sat in a chair by the side of the bed. I couldn't turn round to look & had to lie very still. I used to hear them breathing, sense them & smell them.