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Anxious or sick?



New member
Nov 19, 2015
Hi I am new so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I am just wondering if anyone else struggles with differentiating symptoms of anxiety to symptoms of an illness? I have been feeling quite unwell the past two months but I have also been a lot more anxious and I am starting to notice avoidance behaviours creeping back... I genuinely can't tell if my symptoms are caused by the anxiety or that I am unwell and the symptoms I am having are causing the anxiety (health is a major trigger for my anxiety). I am starting to google symptoms again which is something I haven't done in years and it's freaking me out. Anybody have any tips to help with this?

Also I don't know if this is relevant but I had been on Fluoxetine from the age of 11 (20mg), brought up to 40mg when I was 18 and then 60mg when I was 20 and stayed on it to until May this year (I was 22). I weaned myself off it and I was completely medication free by May 2015. Would this have any influence on anxiety even though I went five months with no problems?

Sorry I just need a little reassurance at the moment.


Aug 3, 2015
Hello evian and welcome to the forum. When a person is anxious they can often feel unwell and it is very hard to know if it is the anxiety or something else. Would it put your mind at rest if you visit your GP and let them know how you are feeling? I would do that to reassure yourself.

Not being on any medication could also be making your anxiety harder to cope with. It is a difficult situation to be in as I know a lot of people do not like to take medication while others think it is helpful.


Active member
Nov 30, 2015
Hi evian75,

I've been experiencing the exact same thing. I get lightheaded and weak and I feel like passing out, and I have a lot of trouble breathing sometimes, and I get hot flashes and panic attacks. Are those the kinds of symptoms you're having? I went to the ER one night and they couldn't find anything, then I went to a Dr. who said that I have a vitamin D deficiency, which could explain the lightheadedness, but not the rest, and definitely not the constant anxiety.

I can't give any medical advice except to go see a doctor, but I have read that many anxiety sufferers have trouble distinguishing anxiety related symptoms from health problems. I know its a scary thing, and it creates this vicious cycle where you get anxious about your health which can then create more health problems. I got a lot of peace of mind when I got checked out and knew for a fact that I wasn't dying.
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