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anxious extrovert in real life vs online life



Well-known member
Jan 8, 2020
So yeah. Probably not an uncommon thing to be more socially outgoing online than in real life, but for an extrovert, online life can be so much fun! In real life, not so much.

I crave the interaction with other people. It gives me life! It gives me purpose! But it's emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting when you're self conscious the whole time. And you keep getting these doubts in your head that you shouldn't say this or shouldn't say that, but what ends up happening is you say something completely dumb! Or you just go mute and people think you're being rude.

I can relate a lot more with introverts due to my social anxiety, but oftentimes scare them away because I need the energy of a good conversation and it's too much for them. I also like other extroverts, because they can feed me that energy, but more often than not, they don't give me a chance to speak or wait for me to respond (because see, anxious me needs all that extra time to decide whether what I'm going to say is good or not).

Online is different because you can take time to form your responses. And my mind works much faster than my typing, especially on a mobile device. So it can be a lot of fun. However, it can also create different kinds of anxiety... I'm not prepared to talk about this part. I'd rather not reveal too much of my insecurities about online chatting because that just contradicts my safe space mentality. I truly do feel this is a safe space for talking about our struggles with mental health, but I can get more worked up if I dwell on certain things, so I take a step back.

Sigh! Such is the life of AnxiousE! :p