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Well-known member
Sep 22, 2008
What's the most commonly prescribed medication for anxiety? I will be starting anxiolytic medication soon,but don't know which one yet.


Feb 18, 2009
there are lots of different medications perscribed. my doctor gave me vistaril this time. said i could just take it when i have a panic attack. it's like a souped up benedril or something. just makes me tried. the hospital gave them to me a while back. i myself don't do well with meds i have to take daily.

paxcel *excuse my spelling* works well for my mother. every person is different though. they made me way too tired. buspur works well for some people. my friends mother didn't do well though, and i didn't either.

ambilify which is usually given for bipolar works good. i got off becuase it does have side effects that can be dangerous.

welburtin is popular. i have never had it myself. i heard they give it to people to help them quit smoking too.

your doctor will probably discuss many options with you and try you on one. if it doesn't work then you just try another one.