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Active member
May 13, 2017
How can I cope with the constant anxiety? I had both ESA and PIP arrive at once with the help of my CPN they got filled out and sent off. But now I am just waiting but am so sick with anxiety I can barely sleep. Keep thinking about ending up homeless. Or having to battle through an appeal again where I was treated quite terribly. I feel like I am being punished for existing with mental health problems and it is leaving me seriously stressed. I don’t know what to do and I don’t feel like I can breathe.


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
Worrying will not add a second to your life nor will change the outcomes when you are stressed out. Let go and pray--

Yes people discriminate against mental illness,they also discriminate against race, color, age, poverty and so forth so we are not alone.

I said a pray for you and asked that you be strong and let go until the results are in. You will go crazier if not. God Bless
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