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Anxiety when thinking about my own body, especially reproductive organs



New member
Aug 7, 2019

I would like to know if anyone is like me, or if I could get some advice maybe?

I feel like my body is alien to me. I don't like feeling things on my skin, HATE thinking about my internal organs and have anxiety when I think about my lady parts.

This really gets to me the most when I'm already anxious, then thinking about the fact that I have blood inside veins, pulsating organs, a brain, bones, it just utterly FREAKS ME OUT.

This becomes a problem especially when I get intimate with my boyfriend. I often have to ask him to stop.

I don't want this body. I hate being active and I absolutely hate having a vagina and uterus.

Can someone tell me what's wrong so I can finally be better ?!?
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Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
I think that is probably more common than you might think
in various degrees , there is alot of mysoginy about
and if you are very sensitive you might be affected by it

it sounds to me like your boyfriend is willing to stop when you ask him
and that is great news !

if that is the case, then well done finding a great boyfriend !