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Anxiety Schmanxiety:



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May 4, 2015
So I've had anxiety my entire life but the depression kinda came a bit later like midway through high school maybe. Social anxiety and well I guess just general anxiety has been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. I haven't been diagnosed with anything that I know of, although I do take prescribed anti-depressants and nerve pills. Friends are something I find really difficult to hold onto, the ones I do have are only in my life because they refuse to let me ignore them. I don't really know what I'm doing or why I'm here or even what to expect from this. I see a therapist often but it seems like nobody wants to help they just give me my meds and tell me to go. It'd just be nice to find people I can relate to I guess. I'm terrified of people so it's extremely difficult and I am easily overwhelmed. So maybe it'd be nice to meet some people who know what it feels like to...feel...like...I do? @[email protected] :dance:

tl;dr anxiety. life sucks. people are scary. let's help each other out? or not.. I don't mind.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum. :hi:
Medication and therapy obviously do have their benefits, but nothing beats actually facing your fears head-on.
Social anxiety really sucks but i've only really made serious improvements since I got out and met new people.

There are some less scary environments to be in that others. If I were you, when you're ready, i'd start off by getting out to somewhere that isn't too high pressured.
Poetry cafes were a godsend to me when I was starting to get out more.. they were held in the evening, in a poorly lit cafe, there was no conversation, only listening to someone read. So I was among people with no pressure to talk - ideal.
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