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Anxiety Scams



Well-known member
Dec 9, 2007
The World
Yesterday on the forum we spotted and removed a spammer. He was posting a link about a system to beat anxiety.

We regard such systems as an anxiety scam as there is no proven research evidence that it works and he charges a lot of money for it. The system is clearly about making money off people who have anxiety.

Take a look at this website video of a news report about such scams:

If you need further evidence about what it is all about, take a look at this quote from the website:

I’ll get right to the point. On my ebook and membership website you make a whopping 75% recurring commission. This means you make just over $20 for the initial sale, and just under $20 for every month they stay a member. On a low-end offer that only costs $29.95/month, these commissions add up quick. The lower price means higher conversions, and a higher percentage of members staying on for longer.

Why is recurring commission so great?

It builds onto itself. Once you make a sale, that buyer has the potential to keep making you money for months in the future. Many people will remain subscribed forever.

So please beware!


Well-known member
Dec 25, 2010
What type of turd wants to scam anxiety patients?
Hang the bastard responsible.
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