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Anxiety Relapse



New member
Dec 21, 2019
United Kingdom
Whilst at university (3 years ago), I suffered my first panic attack, I was unable to focus on anything else other than my heart rate being extra fast.

I went to the GP and was prescribed sertraline 50mg to be taken once a day. I did this for 6 months, then when I was due for a check up about medication, I stopped taking the medication abruptly and never followed this up. I was anxiety free (or so I thought). Months passed and I was living my normal life again!

then I relapsed, I believe the trigger to be alcohol, little amounts or big amounts... so I returned to the doctors and they prescribed me the same, and stupidly I did the same. 6 months passed and I was anxiety free until about 3 days ago...

I went on a night out with my friends and ended up drinking a little too much. Woke up and felt fine, other than a hangover. Which is had many times before in the 6 months prior. But the day after I experienced panic attacks and overthinking... and right now I can’t focus or think about anything else other than my anxiety.

is this something that has happened to other people? And what do others suggest? My thinking would be to go to the GP again and restart the medication, but as it’s Christmas I won’t get an appointment until new year... any help guys?


Active member
Dec 4, 2019
See how you feel tomorrow. Get a good rest and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Go out for a walk if you can tomorrow. See a doctor if it doesn’t go away.

I get panic attacks all the time. Do you have anything possibly stressful in your life right now?
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