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May 24, 2019
Hey im Max, recently i had a drug scare back around september 2018. I did way to much cocaine one day and i was 18 at the time. a week after that got strep throat and took antibiotics for it and it went away but after i had pain on the left side of my body like under my arm on the side of rib cage, and pain right where my heart would be. I went to the er and got ekg and everything was fine, they also tested for a blood clot and that was fine also. after that i started getting pain in my left upper arm and jaw and back. So i look those symptoms up and it says im having a fucking heart attack so that freaked me out and i went back to the er to get another ekg and it was fine again. i kept having those symptoms for about 2 weeks and i would just lay on the couch all day everyday for weeks depressed just looking up symptoms and always wanting my parents around which was odd for me because i was never really the type to want to spend my time with them if you know what i mean. some nights i would be falling asleep and jump up sweating balls and my vision would go black some times only for like 10 seconds but it was scary and my heart would be pounding. convinced i was going to have a heart attack i was feel pain in my chest and ask my parents to take me to er but they would just say we went yesterday your fine which made me angry because ive never had pain in my body thats unexplainable. My GP gave me a 7 day heart monitor just to put my mind at ease because nothing was wrong with my heart, once i got the results for that they were fine and normal so i felt ok for a while about it. but the symptoms were still there and manifesting new ones throughout the days so i would be looking on my phone and thinking i have cancer and all kinds of crazy things. i was scared to go out anywhere far from home just incase something serious actually did happen. it was winter now and im a pretty high level freestyle skier so that what i loved to do. I was scared that what ever was going on with me wont allow me to ski like i usually would which sucked cuz thats my favorite thing in the world. the first day of the season i was by my self took one run and everything was good then the second run i felt a cramp in my chest then heart started pounding so i speed down and went right home. i went through the winter still skiing and shits starting to feel a like more normal but still no where near my regular self. I started getting abdominal pain and went back to my GP and talked about anxiety and depression and pandas. i was like no way all of this is anxiety. then i was diagnosed with generalized anxiety. i would met with a therapist but that seemed to do nothing. recently i have been burping all day and having acid reflux, drymouth, cough, diarrhea, and almost constant stomach pain. im just so sick of it and none of my doctors have really done anything to help or listen to me. what should i do? sorry if if my grammer and stuff like that sucks.


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Jan 12, 2019
Minnesota, USA
Hi Max and welcome to the forum.

I am sorry that you are struggling. I can relate to how you feel. I’ve been there running back and forth to the ER. I got EKGs, stress test, blood tests etc, etc. All came negative and very healthy.

You have to find away to ignore your fears. Find distractions and don’t search for more on the internet. Trust me, searching and reading about symptoms is going to make matters worse. You don’t want anxiety to debilitate you.

Since your test results all came negative and healthy, then you’re ok. Self talk also helps. Just reassure yourself that it’s just anxiety and irrational fears. Stay away from any stress. Don’t watch stressful tv shows or news. Watch comedy instead and laugh. Laughing is an unbelievable medicine. This may sound stupid but it’s very true.

I hope you feel better soon and hang in there.

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