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anxiety over normal situations, oversexualising



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Mar 10, 2020
im back here again! with more anxiety and new situations that i overthink :( its honestly so tiring at this point like being stuck at home during quarantine does nothing to ease this anxiety, if anything, it makes it worse.

if my mind doesnt recycle situations, my mind tries to put malice in every daily situations. even accidental ones. i posted a thread here about my sexual intrusive thoughts, and if u have seen my post about it im very cautious now around children. cuz im so scared of my own thoughts about them. now living with one is a nightmare. i remember the days i didnt have sexual intrusive thoughts and it was fine living with a child. but now i get so disgusted with myself i cant even afford to look or listen to my own cousin. I keep on beating myself up thinking that if i touch her (this is a non-sexual way), it meant that i was perverted. like i used to even hold her hands in the mall before cuz there was really nothing wrong with it. now im overthinking even if it was just an accidental touch.


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Nov 10, 2019
I think that you are so disturbed by those horrible thoughts is a good thing. Sometimes we scare ourselves with our thoughts and it not a bad thing.

Some people have thoughts of hurting someone they are angry with, but that is ok because it means they would never actually do it.

Please don't worry.