anxiety or panic ?



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Jun 27, 2015
I am 32 years old girl and I live with my mother. 2 years ago suddenly my father died because of heart attack. One week after his dead I had one panic attack. Psychiatrist prescribe me medication and started low dosage of Imipramine 10, Fluoxetine 10 and Trifluoperazine 1mg and told me increase dosage after one week but I never increase them and for 1 year and half use low dosage of drugs. Never had another panic attack like the first one but sometimes I have surge of anxiety and fear that lasts several hours. Sometimes I scared going out far from home and long travels and these happen most of the time when I remember my panic attack. I stop medication several months ago and now everytime I have anxiety I think panic maybe come back.
Do drugs in this low dosage had clinical effectiveness or I just had been in their imaginary effect. I mean I have confidence because of medication I will not have another attack.
How can I forget panic attack ?
Will these anxiety surges cured over time ?
what I experience when my father died was panic disorder or nervous breakdown ?
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Oct 11, 2014
your dad dying must have been a huge shock, i would try and think that the panic attack was related to your dad's sudden death and so it is not going to happen again as it was a reaction to an isolated event.
if your anxiety is bad i would try and talk to someone about it, a counselor or therapist and they could help you with the fear of another panic attack happening again.

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