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Anxiety hell



New member
Oct 17, 2017
Hello, I'm Rae, 29 and currently living in Scotland. I moved here in July with my two children to be with my partner. In November we will have been together for three years. I am struggling to settle in properly and it is causing me problems such as panicking when swallowing food and not being relaxed enough to go to the loo. This is causing me constipation. I do believe it is not dietary as I am always well aware of how much good food/water I need to eat.

My children have been away with their dad for nearly two weeks now and in this time I have only managed to talk myself into eating properly again. Last night was my first full meal in three months and I really enjoyed it. I distracted myself with the TV and allowed my body to take control again of something I know it should be doing without me having to think about it.

The toilet problem on the other hand? I honestly have no idea how to approach this. I am so tense that even a suppository struggled to come back out. If anyone knows of any places to find information or experienced their own issue, I'd be really grateful for some help.