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Anxiety/heart attack



Jun 20, 2021
Baltimore, Maryland
I am a 31 year old male, in great shape, a natural bodybuilder. I only take a quarter to a half scoop of pre workout before my lifting sessions and never really have gone above that. That's the only supplementation I take.

About 3 weeks ago I had a stomach flu. All came out the bottom, but it drained me for a few days. Anyway, it always seems like after any gastric event, days or weeks later I'll suddenly have an uptick in weird symptoms. Lately I've been experiencing eye twitching in my left eye. Lower lid will twitch for a couple seconds. Happens a few times a day. Ive also had these sharp, jolting pains in my temple every other day or so. At random times. Just a quick *boop* and gone.

Today I was at the gym and did a full body routine instead of a split (chest/arms/legs) and admittedly it kicked my butt. About an hour into the workout I kept having to stop because I felt dizzy and faint. And from there my chest got tighter and tighter. No pain, just discomfort. My stomach started to get gross like I had to go boom boom and eventually I just left the gym. Drove home and felt fine in the car. Got home and started cooking and my left hand started tingling, my arm got all tingly and eventually my head did too. My heart started pounding and I started feeling faint so, instinctively I walked outside so that if I dropped, someone would see me. Eventually I was able to bring my heart rate down and calm myself. Went back in and made myself eat. Been feeling weird since.

Just need some assurance or piece of mind or something. I don't smoke or drink, don't do any drugs, I'm very physically active (lift 4-5x a week, hike several times a week, physical job on weekends). I dont have insurance so that's a bummer. Currently seeking a new job that offers it. I've had anxiety almost my whole life so this isn't new to me per se, but I'm circling the drain of anxiety again and I don't wanna go down.

Any insight is appreciated 😬


Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Hello, I do not think it would be a heart attack as you would get a very sudden tight chest pain and also in your left arm. I would make an appointment to go and see your doctor though just to get checked out, if it was a bit of anxiety please don't worry as that will not hurt you at all. I hope this might help you.


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Apr 20, 2019
Heart attack? no, but you could be looking at a migraine or something like that. Migraine aura can occur without a headache at all, but you can get tingling and other weird sensations or experiences.
And it could just be something to do with diet, hydration, a bug...who knows. Just get yourself checked out for any physical problems and hopefully all will be okay, just don't overthink anything, that doesn't help. If you can get the all clear there then you know it's probably coming from within and it's a matter of getting control over your thoughts and fears, but of course, the weights for those ones are much heavier.


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May 30, 2019
Sounds just like two of my panic attacks. I had four in a month, 2 years ago, which included tingliness spreading up my arm onto my face. At one point I couldn't properly close my lower lip.

At no point was I consciously anxious, just doing normal stuff.

The first one I thought I was having a heart attack because I was very weak and had a tightness in my chest, although it turned out to be a virus.

I suspect you are weak after the infection, and anxious, which is making the symptoms worse.

Is your blood pressure normal?


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Mar 29, 2021
All sound like anxiety symptoms to me

I used to pimp weights and go jogging. To be honest, bodybuilding gave me a lot of extra confidence but was powerless to keep my anxiety in check. I would continue training even with anxiety.

Do you think you might be overdoing it a bit? I eventually reduced weights to 3 days a week and jogged twice. A good run does a lot more for anxiety than weights. Swimming even better. Personally I would cycle rather than hike for toning, and anxiety too.

I used to read those awful Weider magazines but did learn a lot from the pros. Three times a week split body part routine is probably enough. Then now and again do a push/pull gig for a couple of weeks. That was all Dorian Yates would do. Your muscles need those rest days to grow. If your not taking gear, I'd say 5x a week is too much

Hope this helps
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