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Anxiety got worse after weight loss



Jul 6, 2019
Hello everyone! I have anxiety issues since long time ago and with much effort I could finally control it better over the past few months (but not all the time). I was doing diet and I lost some weight, and since then I noticed that my anxiety got harder to control. This happened a few times in my life after a weight loss. I tried to research about it online but couldn't find any useful information. I suppose that it could be due to the change in my body that can affect the brain, it sounds most likely to be the case but it's just my assumption. I have to mention that I do not have any eating disorder and I lost weight following a healthy way and not strict at all. My anxiety thoughts are totally related to something else. I have many moments of restlessness, also since started these worse symptoms. If it is to describe it, it's like for my body and mind it's more difficult to face anxiety when I have less kgs. Did any of you have this problem or do you have any idea why it could be? Also, if you have any useful materials (articles, books) that may be helpful, I would like to read them.


Sep 28, 2020
You have to realize in Romania many generations before you starved especially in soviet times . That is wired into people's DNA maybe causing you to experience anxiety ? You can do positive affirmations , prayers for health , weight do them out loud everyday can find on net .
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