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Anxiety getting worse



Jan 5, 2015
Hi, I have posted a few times about my anxiety over losing my best friend to someone else. The past couple of months I've been feeling better but I think that's only because they haven't been spending as much time together. After coming back from holidays together my friend said that she didn't like her and that she was hoping they'd just drift apart. I got my head around this and was prepared for that. But the last couple of weeks they've been getting really close again. They went for a walk with their dogs and whenever I'm in work they seem todo something together. she's even invited her to the gym when I'm in work even though that used to be our thing to do together. She hasn't told me this yet and I feel like she's trying to keep it from me on purpose. I'm seriously starting to feel like im losing her. She never asks me how my anxiety is, maybe because i act like everything is okay but if she thought I was okay then she wouldn be hiding things from me. I don't really know what to do anymore. I feel like if i speak to her (I have in the past) it'll just make things worse and she'll hide even more things from me. I feel like things aren't going to get any better and I'm just slowly being pushed out.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
It may not be that your friend is deliberately hiding things from you - it could just be that she doesn't see the activities she does with this other friend as significant.
Also, you mention that she says she doesn't really like this person.. I wonder if she's too polite to tell her?