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anxiety getting worse - can barely leave my house now



Feb 8, 2019
For no whatever reason I'll start having the anxiety symptoms and recently my body decided to start having stomach aches as well, so as soon as I leave my house I already start feeling a warm feeling in my stomach like poop is building up inside of me out of nowhere, and I have to search for a bathroom every 5 minutes. I've already tried meds once and I hated the sensation of not being myself and getting dizzy and sick all the time, so I am avoiding meds at all costs

I've already saw some phsichyatrists and phsychologists but I felt no improvements some of them told me to try sports. I did swimming for a few weeks and I felt no improvements either...

I am tired of being my own hostage and being caged but I am not sure how to overcome this. Also feel so bad that my parents have to endure this situation, I feel I am not the child they wanted me to be, that makes me sad.

It's something that I can't control once I'm out of my house, the feeling from the comfort and security it's completely different. How would you guys deal with this?


Well-known member
Aug 14, 2021
Hi Kazurengan, sorry to hear your anxiety is so high , for me it helps to just sit outside on the porch , or in the yard. Just getting outside but not really leaving the house, I hope you can find something that works,

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