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Anxiety getting worse again



New member
Sep 17, 2018
Hey everyone!

This may come off as a rant but here goes.

I (27F) suffer from anxiety. 2 years ago (when I could afford to!) I spent a lot of time with a therapist working towards these issues. I feel like my symptoms are getting worse again and I would just like to know what to do or understand what is going on with me again. Maybe its not linked to my anxiety but atm I just don't know what to do about these things.

1. Work stress has been so bad and I have been feeling really defensive due to the pressure. I know this isn't healthy and applying to other jobs. I haven't heard back, which is making me nervous. At the same time, I can't stop overthinking 'what if I mess up my new job', 'what if I get fired and my parents can't afford to support me'.

2. Being single; my anxiety gave me anger problems which I worked on with my therapist. The price I did pay before is being dumped by my ex as I took out a lot of my stress on him. This wasn't too bad last year but this year I have this constant fear (which I can't tell others btw) or turning 30 and staying single. I know it's an aweful and ridiculous thought. I don't go on second dates because I get anxiety about having long term relationships and being hurt.

3. Friends and alcohol; normally I am a happy drunk but lately I have had 2 friends make me feel on edge. I also get a lot of anxiety when friends come round to my place ( I tried saying no politely but they turned up anyway). I have noticed I have become confrontational again when out drinking with these friends. Its not aggressive per se but more being able to let go of things that annoy me and going on and on.

The next day, one or two of the friends always tell me what I did wrong and then my thoughts are constantly racing thinking everybody dislikes me or I always mess things up. I don't want to give up drinking because most times its fun so want to understand if its the amount of alcohol or the company or just me. My confidence level atm is 0%.

Sorry for the long post, rant over!


Hi I am having a lot of anxiety for no reason right now so I came to the board to try to distract myself into calming down by writing to someone else.

I wanted to mention that you sound clear, very good, I am glad you found this site and are posting. I don't seem to do well with therapists, I find them patronizing, so I write to friends and anonymously through the internet instead.

- work
I really relate to what you are saying here. I don't have a job, only an unpaid research position, and it makes me nervous anyway. I don't know if I can hold down a job and not get nervous... I have been having a lot of brain fog and I may not be able to do well, plus it may not be good for my mental health. I am on email and social media all the time trying to deal with my mental health problems and constant need for reassurance. I am dxed with bpd, so relationships are hard for me. Not hearing back happens a lot, I didn't hear back after apply to about 150 jobs but I got response from 3 companies I like, which was nice. I think i didn't do well on interviews however.

2. Single
I feel you. My parents wish i would try married but i am not emotionally stable, i am very clingy and needy. I also don't really have an appetite for it, I would rather live with my sister if she is willing. I just want to get through my life as sanely as possible and then go away... I feel constant stress and anxiety for not being normal. I hate it.

3. Friends
Here, I have the opposite problem as you. I am very clingy and need people a lot, I wish I had more friends. I get annoyed with my father though, I get impatient. But that happens, I think maybe if you tell them you have been having anxiety they may understand. I don't drink but it is not necessarily a bad thing if you cut down maybe, as it is a depressant.