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Anxiety from staff watching me


Sarah Wui

Jan 5, 2020
Vancouver BC

I am feeling down and depressed right now. Last Thursday, I was at an organization doing a small job. I was wiping down the tables. When I turned around, I saw the staff watching me. This staff member is also a young person in her twenties, same age range as me. I was wiping down the tables and talking to another participant there who wasn't feeling well. I was asking them if they could get up from the seats so I can wipe the chairs down as well. I offered a few words of sympathy to the participant who wasn't feeling well. I felt the staff member was watching me because she was thinking in her head that I wasn't being supportive enough to the participant who wasn't feeling well. I felt she was judging me. Now I feel super anxious when I'm around her. I decided not to take anymore small jobs from that place until I can get a handle of my anxiety around her. My forehead feels tight and I been having negative thoughts since last Thursday when this happened. I'm feeling depressed because I can't face this and I have to not take work shifts because I cannot handle my anxiety around this staff member. I feel super anxious when I'm around her. I think she wants to hurt me and it's very possible she can hurt me.


Well-known member
Jun 24, 2021
Phoenix AZ
You probably have performance anxiety I’ve worked this way for 40 yrs. at numerous jobs. It caused me to have panic attacks and walk out and quit many times.
I was working with professional nurses answering phones from patients under stress and tell nurses what was going on with patients. This is the only job where they loved me because I was so compassionate with patients and who needed a call back ASAP.
Try finding a job where they understand mental illness doing anything if it’s only pulling documentation. You will be a asset to the patients and staff. I wish you the best. I hope it helps. 👍🏼


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Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
Don't worry about what others think, it is a lifelong battle to learn that and amazing once it sinks in.

There are some people we would like feedback from, people we respect and who talk to us in the right way, but the rest of them, their opinion doesn't matter.

Good feedback, bad feedback, ignore the bad. Some people are pretty nasty and need to be avoided or ignored. Kill them with kindness people say.


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Aug 27, 2019
I used to worry about what other people think. But then I figured out that most people are morons and I shouldn't care what they think.
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