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Anxiety from house.



Does anyone get panic attacks, and anxiety from there home? I'm a extremely tidy person, I always have things neat and tidy, put things away and like to be clean and clutter free. For a long time now, I have been suffering badly with anxiety and even getting really down about it, the people I live with are the complete opposite. I'm forever cleaning, tidying up after them because they can't do it themselves.the place is so run down and being the way Iam this causes me to feel down and stressed a lot. I get extreme embarassment if anyone visits. Whenever I try to say something I just get barked at like its normal to be messy and not give a damn.
Is anyone else experiencing this. I fear sooner or later it is going to get too much.


Well-known member
Apr 23, 2010
goodness knows!
It could be that the more tidying up you do the more the others will let you do, gets them off the hook, so to speak.
There is nothing wrong with keeping things tidy and taking pride in it, but perhaps the situation does need looking at, as it is causing you so much anxiety.
Would a cleaning and tidying up rota be an answer, or have you tried that?
Perhaps you could approach the others about your anxieties because of them not giving you a helping hand.
Maybe you could ease your anxieties by easing off on the cleaning and tidying?


blue spark

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Nov 25, 2014
Sunny England.
Thats right,the more you do,the more they will let you do,Sounds to me like you live with pigs.I am a lad i won't tidy up after myself,never mind anyone else.As long as they are just untidy and not dirty thats not to bad i suppose.What i mean is,it could be worse.A run down place will make you ill.Are they young ones,that will explane things.
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