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Anxiety (dpdr) and St. John’s Wort



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Mar 6, 2021
Hi all, I’ve been dealing with anxiety the last 10 months which gradually developed to dpdr. Most of the times I’m anxious and irritable and sometimes I get this depersonalised feeling where I do not feel my body (it looks strange to me), I see reality differently than before, everything looks strange etc. Tbh, I’ve managed to deal with that the last 4 months (after the quarantine stopped in my country), but before that I visited a psychiatrist who prescribed me at first SNRI (cymbalta) and because it didn’t work then she prescribed an SSRI (fluvoxamine) which gave me the dpdr. So I stay away from this sh*t.

I’ve been doing all the other necessary things to decrease my stress and anxiety such as working out every day (at least 30’), meditation (20’ from calm app), supplements (omega 3, magnesium, chamomile at night), seeing a therapist (CBT + hypnotherapy), but with a little success. I’d say it has only made the things manageable, but still every day seems rough and I have this feeling of doom.

I read somewhere about SJW, I said I’d try it since it’s “natural” but works as an SSRI. I know it’s best for depression, and I wouldn’t say I am depressed, but since the SSRI’s are for anxiety I thought that SJW would work the same.

So I started yesterday, and I got one capsule (300mg), maybe it was placebo effect but I felt differently - from the good side. To be precise, I was not feeling anymore the weird sense on my head like tingling or having electricity wires that cause me headaches, confusion etc. I went to the gym, everything was fine, even the feeling of dpdr had been decreased. But at night, I went out with my gf, we ate a huge meal and when we got to bed I could not sleep at all! I drunk chamomile and I got my magnesium which other times make me sleepy, but not this time. It was like my brain was locked and was not getting the message of “you need to sleep now”. I went to bed at 01.00 am and I managed to get some sleep at 06.30 (at 09.00 woke up for work).

Obviously I am like zombie now, but the question is, is it normal to have this reaction by SJW? Is it probably my body adjusting to it like the SSRI’s? Should I give it time? Is it possible that the problem was the huge meal instead of SJW?

Or is it very strange and I should stop it? Like this has happened to somebody?

Also, I need to mention that I got it again in the morning, and I’m feeling good. Not super, but good (less dpdr) even if I feel tired because of the lack of sleep.

And for those who’re gonna say about doctors, I had asked my doctor (a GP) who said that “I do know SJW, I have ‘t worked with it for my patients, but you could try it since it’s just a supplement”.

So what’s your advice guys? Should I give it some time to see how it goes, or stop it now which is early? In addition, if you have any advice of what to do if I cannot sleep again tonight, I will be grateful!


Feb 15, 2021
I've used sjw in the past but there are risks. I stopped because of them.


New member
Mar 6, 2021
I've used sjw in the past but there are risks. I stopped because of them.
hey thanks for the answer. I am continuing it, and I’d say it has decreased my dpdr. I think I am more functional. More focused. And overall in a better mood. On the other hand, I have a weird feeing, don’t know how to describe it but it feels just weird (neither bad, nor good) but I understand it’s because of sjw. Also, I feel like super energetic, kind of agitated, with heart palpitations and a feeling of restlessness. Also, I have trouble sleeping, yesterday and the day before I managed to get some sleep, day before yesterday was good but yesterday not a qualitative one. And lastly, at some times I have some weird images on my head like some bad memories come to my mind and after awhile they’re gone. Well tbh a lot of memories come to my mind since I started it, even good ones, but obvsl I focus on the bad ones :p

Anyway, I think that my body is adjusting to it, that’s why all the weird sensations. Do you think that’s the case? Do you believe that after time will subside?

Also my friend, you know it too, that there are more risks with the f*cking SSRI’s, even their leaflet says it. You just have to weigh the pros and the cons
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