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Anxiety Disorder? Or am I Just Dramatic?



New member
Mar 6, 2019
Hello! So I guess I will start with some background info: I am 22 years young with ADD. I take Concerta which I feel like increases my anxiety symptoms but what I will be discussing also happens when I am not taking concerta. My step father is a narcissist, to say the least, but we are no longer in contact. Currently, I am getting my teaching credential (which is stressful). Ok well now that you know a little about me maybe someone can lead me in the right direction. I want to go to therapy but it’s expensive and idk if I even have a problem, maybe its just all in my head.

I have always struggled with over thinking, I over analyze everything to the point where reality become distorted. Anytime I talk about something slightly personal or offensive I spiral into all of these bad thoughts about myself. I think everyone hates me. Sometimes I will just get this pit in my stomach, I start to feel like something bad is going to happen even if nothing is. I feel like I want to escape when things get stressful.
I feel like I am going crazy. I have tried to talk to my boyfriend when I get like this but he tells me to just stop overthinking. I feel so negative all the time but i’m Not a negative person. I am realllllly bad at confrontation it makes me weak. When I do my hands shake uncontrollably and my heart pounds. I always end up caving so the situation can just be over. Then of course I spend hours criticizing myself. My heart races a lot but maybe thats the concerta? How can I turn these thoughts off? Am I just being dramatic, am I making all of this up? Is this normal? I feel crazy :( How can I cope with this? Maybe I am just stressed out all the time....


Well-known member
Feb 18, 2019
Delaware, USA
"Just stop it" is never mentioned in any anxiety book I've ever seen ;) its not a viable technique but yes I think we've all been told that before.. it doesn't work.

Sure sounds like you could benefit from therapy. By the way even people who think they are very 'normal' can still benefit from therapy, its an experience that I believe everyone should go through at some point. Those of us who are lucky enough to have anxiety disorders just have a little more of a severe need for it.

As to your not alone -- yes basically your description matches mine about 90% and I have generalized anxiety disorder. I don't necessarily think everyone hates me but the rest is spot on... it starts with me feeling "something is wrong".. but not really even realizing what. then I start thinking... then my mind finds something... then it starts dwelling on that and how I am not doing "well enough" to fix, or combat that issue.. and next thing you know anxiety problems for at least a few hours if not days before I can recover from it. I am also a complete optimist and generally very happy... but it doesn't mean I'm not critical of myself as I've come to learn.

If you are having trouble controlling your thoughts and over criticizing then I think therapy is a good direction to explore. I understand the cost problem, but think of it as with money for school or doctors about your health -- you may need to spend it to feel better in the long run and do better in life / work / etc.

not a real therapy session of course, just humor, but it is funny.. hopefully you can get a laugh from it but not identify too much with it!