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Anxiety disorder at work -Really need help from you


Jessica 2009

New member
Nov 1, 2009

I work in sales and have done for a while, I have a pretty good job and I have managed to hide anxiety from work people incase I look like a looser, what happens though is it takes over and I have such a tough time inside.

I have a 4 day intensive negoatiation course coming up and its making me feel sick to the stomach. Its so bad I wish I could pack my job in or my lottery ticket would have come in so I didnt have to go....its silly really I know it is.

Constant self doubt creeps in...will I get the maths wrong, will I be able to keep up and will people think I am stupid and be found out for doing a job which I am not good enough to do.
When on the course I will spend more time thinking about it than actually learning then I do look stupid.

I cant cope with it and I feel like I am the only one that feels like this.

I just want somebody to tell me they have managed to overcome this and what I can do to prepare for this horrible course.

My husband thinks I being ridiculous and I ahve been to some alternative therapies which worked short term and then I lapse back into this negative thinking.

Hope to hear




Well-known member
Oct 30, 2009
Negative thinking is part of depression, are you receiving medication for it at all.

Have you thought about some kind of breathing exercises?

You are obviously able and capable enough or you wouldn't be going on the course.

Is there something in your life that has brought this on, the self-doubts about your ability?