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anxiety disorder and obsessive bad thoughts



Nov 14, 2014
hi, i am new to this and i just need reassurance, i have had anxiety for a long time now but i feel i am easily wound up with the obsessive thoughts i get like something is telling me am gonna go crazy or die and i fear it and i keep on trying to find something to distract by attention seeking and for about a year now i feel my anxiety getting deeper, i see like my mind is spinning round in a circle, i see flashes from nowhere, and when the attack comes on i hallucinate n panic but i have been strong to stop my rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath, but i still keep panicing about what if this and what if that, but last week i got the shakes and sweats and horrible fear but it passed and now my mind is reassuring me everything is going to be ok and sometimes i think that i should just let anxiety manifest but i keep on blocking it out to manifest but my brain is telling me i should let it happen as it is only going to pass and its natural response for the body to protect itself but its those thoughts that are scary, it keeps telling me its gonna cause lung problems, but i know i don't have any lung problems because i would know if i did, now when i sleep and when i wake up sudden a feel like someone is smurthering me and i gasp for air and it sometimes worrys me but i don't feel any threat, so i would like to know if someone has had this kind of experience and would be good to be reassured again, thanks:)


Nov 1, 2014
Hi mrtechnojay, welcome to the forum.

You sound like you have good insight to this.

To say you have had the shakes, sweats and fear and it passes, is a positive and reassuring experience; the body releasing built up tension from the mind so as the thoughts become calmer.

I haven't had much experience of this but know it helps to connect and talk. Perhaps speak to your GP about this.

Energy, thoughts and emotions are stored in the muscles so anything to change the state of your muscles should help with panicking. *Focused, slow abdominal breathing can help, as can yoga.*

Hope this helps and all the best to you.
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