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Anxiety disorder and now dealing with a cheating partner



New member
Oct 11, 2017
I've never posted in something like this before so I hope I do it right. I just need some help. I have suffered with anxiety and panic disorder for years and have been on medication and through counselling for those topics but also sudden bereavement and grief. I find this latest topic so hard to speak about face to face so I'm trying this. I found out in July my boyfriend had been cheating on me for 7 months with someone I know. She also has a boyfriend who I know well. As well as having an affair, he had been compulsively lying to me about many many things. Seeing people behind my back, lying about where he was, lying about money, lying about anything and everything. It wasn't until I found out about the cheating (accidentally I should add, he didnt tell me) that all of this came out. He has basically said my anxiety and depression related to a few issues has made it hard to love me. He wanted some escapism from my panics. He has broken my heart and I can't trust him but I also can't let go and don't want to be alone. We have tried to fix things but i have so much anger and resentment towards him. I am panicking constantly and he isn't be understanding, he thinks i should have got over it by now (in as many words, not as harsh but effectively the same attitude)

What do I do? Has anyone dealt with this while suffering from anxiety?


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Blaming your condition for him lying and cheating is adding salt to the wounds - he is talking bollocks! Its not your fault at all that he has done this! I know that it feels like a disaster right now but honestly, you will eventually realise that you are worth more than this and be lucky to get rid of him. But that isn't where you are right now, I realise that.

Are you panicking because you blame yourself for this? It might be an idea to get a little "top up" therapy to help you through this difficult time. I am sorry, but I know that you are not to blame no matter what he says - escapism my back side. Hopefully one day he will realise that he lost someone who loved him unconditionally and that doesn't come around often. He is a prat, not you. Oh and welcome to the forum - sorry should have said that first.