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Anxiety, Depression, and SSI



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Aug 10, 2020
Hello! Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Dally, and I'm new to the site, and I came here to seek answers on a topic I'm in the dark about.

Recently, I went to apply for a job, and it ended pretty badly. Firstly, I suffer from Diagnosed Depression, and anxiety, as well as supposed Autism (my therapist has sent me to get tested and that will hopefully happen in November) After I applied, I sat around and awaited for a response and my anxiety began to build up. Now I take medications for my issues but I'm sure as some of you might now they don't really help in very high stress situations. My Mother decided that it would be best if I didn't work as it was causing more stress than anything else (I fell into a rut and got knocked off my schedule because of worrying) but I'm at that age where money seems kinda important for me. I looked into SSI and that you could get benefits for Anxiety and depression, but how likely is that to happen if I apply? Thank you all in advance if you answer <3


How likely, depends a lot of where you are and how severe your situation is.

It isn't common, where I am, for us to get any monetary help due to our mental health issues. However, one can have monetary help if they're unable to hold onto a job, unemplyeed or the likes.

In general, I understand, it is good for us to keep working/studying because it supports our well being and also with the extra money, can well make life more comfortable. A person might need some time off and each individual is best off asking a doctor if they think it would suit them best, but with depression and anxiety it isn't very useful.

Have you considered an easier job? Or studying more?
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