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Anxiety attack worries



New member
Oct 10, 2018
Ive always strugglrd socially and been scared around new people, especially when experiencing new things. But I went for a run for the first time at my local gyms track and I saw other people running and got nervous, my hands starting sweating and i was shaking really bad as well as losing my breath and decided to just go home. Did I have an anxiety attack and should I see a doctor?


Well-known member
Oct 28, 2018
You answered your own question! Did you feel better when you went home? You most likely did just have an anxiety attack, since it was triggered after you saw other people. If you're a fan of music, I suggest trying to run again but this time, pay attention to the songs you love, or just focus on yourself. Breathe through your nose to prevent hyperventilation--and remember, don't burden yourself!