Anxiety Attack In Tub



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Jul 18, 2018
The other night I tried taking a magnesium bath. I had some anxiety the night before after cleaning the tub because there were bits metal or something whenever I tried to fill it. There really were only a few specks and I was confused because I have never been squimish of something like that. The next day I bought a new drain stopper to soothe my concerns of drain rust lol. It worked and I was able to get in the tub. Not more than 5 minutes pass before I need to get out because I'm starting to feel dizzy with anxiety and the room was shrinking. Even thinking about it now I get this weird shiver that goes up my chest into my neck. Like tic I suppose. I never enjoyed baths as an adult but I was not afraid of them before this.


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Aug 17, 2012
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Was the water particularly hot?
Sometimes if i've made a bath that's too hot and the bathroom is steamy, it increases my heartbeat and I can hear my pulse racing. I wonder if that's similar to what happened?
I think water temperature and being sat or lying back, can have an affect on your blood pressure which in turn can make you feel panicky.

Do you have a shower at your place?
It may just be that baths aren't for you and it's best that you avoid them. I know it's not really tackling the issue head on, but why cause yourself unnecessary stress?
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