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Anxiety at work before speaking publicly after scary presentation



New member
Feb 2, 2016
Hi all

Not sure if anyone would be able to guide me. I'm really looking for some support. I started a new job recently and was asked to do a presentation for another department.

I initially said no because i was only 6 weeks into the job but ended up caving in. I gave the presentation and needless to say it was a disaster. I fumbled on my words, spoke quickly, and was nervous because i had no idea who was my audience. No-one connected and no-one had any questions at the end. I felt like a failure because it was a room full of important people

In my previous jobs, presentations wasn't a problem. It's now 7 months down the line and I've put off doing presentations for a while. Even when i'm asked to speak in a meeting with important people i put it off because I feel like i'm going to do the same thing. Fumble on my words and be nervous. I feel like such an emotional wreck. I still think about that day 7 months ago and some times it's hard to get out of bed when my memory goes back to how horrible that presentation was.

Has anyone overcome this before?
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