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Anxiety and Sensations of Falling



May 30, 2010
I get weird feelings like that feeling you get from travelling in a lift afterward. So I might be sat in front of my computer and I'll feel, very briefly, as if I'm lurching forward, like my chair slipped or something. It's really disorienting and I can't tell if it's related to anxiety, which I have, or perhaps something more serious. I recall speaking to a GP about it in the past, but they just said anxiety. GP's aren't much help anyways. Thanks


Well-known member
Oct 2, 2016
If any health problem persists, you should always get it checked out. You do seem to have a health problem and it's persisting so I would go to your GP again and keep going til you get examined. I've had severe anxiety which never resulted in me having a falling sensation so your GP can't exactly say that it's a common symptom of anxiety.
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