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Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts



New member
Mar 31, 2015
United States
Hello everybody! I never would have really imagined me ending up on a mental health forum but I am now. Since about freshman year in high school (now I am a graduating senior), I have experienced troubling issues of anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Everywhere I go, whether it's school, work, the gym, hanging out with friends, etc., I always experience frustrating and crippling thoughts! :unsure: It's as if I can never stop thinking about them. They affect me socially since I would talk to someone and then the thoughts would stick in my head causing me to miss what the person said. It destroys my confidence sometimes. Hell, I am even making this thread after I got back from the gym because my stupid thoughts will just not go away! They make me fell very hopeless at times to the point where I think of killing myself but I never attempted suicide and I never want to because I do have a loving family that cares for me. It can be really hard being me sometimes. I just worry about my future sometimes because I don't know how I'll move forward with these thoughts that make me feel terrible, hopeless, or sad. I hope that I find some people that deal with this kind of mental issue so I won't feel like the only one. God bless people.


Nov 25, 2014
Maybe therapy would teach you how to deal with your thoughts in a more appropriate way? :)


Hi ItsFred
I understand when you say 'crippling thoughts'. Now I don't know what these thoughts are about but it would be good for you to try and think about why you are having those thoughts. Now in the past I've had experiences where I've had thoughts of extreme happiness or sadness and I'd have no idea why I was having those thoughts at all. I struggled with that a lot, and I'd keep talking about it to my close friends/family but they would not understand, so I suggest if it keeps bothering you do see a therapist. A trainer I had once suggested that when I was having those thoughts to take a paper and write down whatever comes to mind. This did not work for me though, I could not thing of anything to write at those moments but you could try this, if it works at least you could maybe get to the cause of those thoughts. Sometimes thoughts are scary, but what can be scarier is the feeling that you do not have control over them, and that is probably what causes part of your anxiety I think. If that is the case, then remind yourself that you are in control of those thoughts, even if you feel you are not, just say it to yourself a couple of times. Hope this helps. You are not the only one.


New member
Mar 31, 2015
United States
I actually have been to therapy, but I haven't seen my therapist in awhile because I missed my last appointment with him. I just needed some advice at the moment because I was having some trouble.


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Jun 6, 2014
South west
I get these thoughts sometimes. My psychiatrist calls them repetitive, or negative thoughts. She tried to pinpoint something that triggered it. In my case it was the same thought going over and over. I was extremely anxious at the time. Although it went away after therapy it can come back at times of stress. Would it help to share the type of thoughts you are having? Please do not feel under any pressure to do so.
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