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Anxiety and depression



Dec 5, 2019
Hi all I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for a long time but my anxiety is at an all time high I feel miserable so down at times I am suffering with nerves , shakes , cold hands palpitations, stomach problem and going to toilet quite a lot , not sleeping great jumpy. I have the best family ever a gorgeous wife and 3 amazing children but my anxiety is all the time even around my wife why I don’t get it is this normal can anyone help any advice would be great thank you


Dec 5, 2019
Sofia, Bulgaria
I feel you, friend.
Anxiety hit me hard at a time when I was happy. Had a good job, was doing decently well at uni an had(and still do) a loving and supportive boyfriend. What I didn't get is how much stress can accumulate from fear of losing said great life.
I personally got better with medication after seeing a professional. If you're like me and the toilet thing bugs you a ton, go see a doctor, but in my case it is all my head causing it.
Get to therapy, ask for help. Take meds regularly if prescribed. Stay strong.
Get well soon :goodluck:
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