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Anxiety and depression



New member
Mar 30, 2019
St2 7hx
In my family both my dad and youngest brother have both got depression and anxiety.
In the new year my dad hit rock bottom (excessive drinking) so as a result of that my parents are going through divorcing.
My youngest brother has been really struggling with this. He used to talk tk myself or my other brother for support but in the last couple of months he has stopped opening up to use both and doesn't want to go out with us as he used to. He is also blocking his bedroom door so we cant come and chat to him if we need him.
Basically i just want advice on how we support my borther through this tough time and get him or let him feel he can talk to us again and come out with us. He is 15years old
If you can help I'd really appreciate it


Well-known member
Feb 8, 2019
California, USA
Your family is going through some tough times. I’m sorry.
You are good brothers to try to care for your younger brother. Are your parents aware that he is struggling? Has he had any help for his anxiety/depression - counseling, medication?
He may need professional help, and if he’s not getting it, that’s one thing you can try to do for him - help him get it. Also, just keep being there for him, keep trying to talk to him. But it sounds like he’s reaching the point where he needs more than you guys alone can give him.
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