Anxiety and Chest Pains



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May 16, 2019
Hi everyone,
Sorry if there is already a thread on this matter, I'm new and still getting used to the website.
Looking for some general advice on how to deal with anxiety that results on chest pains, dizzyness and generally feeling very unwell? I've had it so bad before it literally felt like I was having a heart attack (I thought I was at the time) and I even went gray and my left arm went numb. I got checked out on this occassion as I have many others and my heart is all a-okay so I know its the anxiety causing this.

Bit of background - my anxiety has got really bad recently because there is a lot of crazy stuff going on in my life:
* my boyfriend has been suffering from depression for 2.5 years which I've tried supporting him through. We live together so it weighs a lot on our relationship and my own wellbeing at times
* I've supported my parents financially for 8 or so years and their debt is so bad now that they've had to get involved with a government scheme. Despite my offers of help, support and advice they never listen to me and seem to drive themselves in further
* my parents have been involved in a domestic abuse relationship (verbal and emotional) for as long as I remember and have only moved out in the last two years so it's taken its toll on me. They hate each other but my Dad can't move out because he has poor health, no savings and financially has been a cause of a lot of the debt.
*my mother has recently disowned me and turned the abuse on me and said things to me no parent should ever say to a child. Worst of all my brother sided with her and I've also become estranged with him too (although we were never that close because of his untouchable relationship with my mother).
I really am looking for some advice and support as the anxiety is so bad I've missed days of work this week and the chest pains are making me feel very unwell. Any treatments, remedies, ways of coping to eleviate the symptoms of acute anxiety?

Any help would be appreciated more than you know. Thanks for reading.



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Dec 26, 2015
you sound like you take on other peoples problems and that is ok to some extent but you sound burnt out. and i would be inclined to leave your parents to it. you are not responsible for the mess that they are making in their live's.

most certainly have a break from your parents and maybe start building up boundaries of sensible and safe behaviour and to leave the parents to it otherwise.

you dont need to tell your parents your boundaries but if you set some for yourself then you will start to have some control in your life around folk who are negative

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