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Anxiety and Brain Zaps



Well-known member
May 2, 2019
I took 1 tiny powerful pill on Thursday 2nd of May this month, when I took it I had an allergic reaction, I was shaking, had trembling and I now have brain zaps after 4 weeks. I took it to calm down my mind and to stop the repetitive thinking, it worked straight away and by that time I had to come off it the next day. Since the last three weeks I don't dare drive on the motorway anymore in case I re think of a bad inappropriate thought and then that is when my brain zap happens. It's like I shake everywhere from my mind to my arms and hands and then my performance of driving is out of control.

I never had a experience like this ever since I took that shitty pill and now I can't drive long distances! I am the only child I am 34 years old, my Mum has no understanding of my condition and doesn't want to know either! I told her OCD is a psychiatric disorder and she then said "your mad basically" "get help and get sorted, stop moaning!" I had to take 2-3 months off my own work to support my mum, dress her after her fall of her broken arm. I took care of her business etc before I took this pill! I was driving everywhere and this is the SUPPORT I get BACK from her! how ungrateful is SHE? I am fuming, she has ruined my day today, I was having a good day and she's ruined it again by hoping she was helping by giving me a book to get me taking more vitamins and changing my diet and I am suddenly going to get back on track? I said a fucking book does no justice and doesn't solve the fucking problem of OCD.

Sorry to rant on! I only have one friend who understands what I am going through! and it hurts to know my own shitty mum can't help me or understand what I am going through! I would prefer to just die and get rid of this problem I have as it's totally changed me completely!

I saw a therapist last week and I spent £85 for 50 minutes I asked for CBT it was almost like a counciling session, I had to talk about my past relationships and how I was as a child etc. I never got any help for what I was suffering from other than fill out this sheet for your thoughts and feelings. I have seen two therapists and have wasted £145 and have had no benefit for my health. So basically I am fucked at the moment for money and seeking help other than waiting for weeks on end for free help from the NHS. Plus the last therapist never diagnosed me properly so I am going to be leaving her a bad negative review!

I don't know what else to do! Are these therapists that do text messaging services on betterhelp sort of websites good? are they powerful as seeing someone on skype or in person?

Thanks x
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Well-known member
Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
I am tapering off paroxetine and for about 3 weeks I started to have these "brain zaps", they feel like a surge in the brain that goes towards the ears for a very short of time and it feels like I would loose consciousness. They seem to be very present when I don't sleep enough (at least 7 hours). It doesn't create any anxiety but I am thinking it could become dangerous when driving for example. Any ideas about these withdrawal effects (I also experience dizziness)? for how long should I feel them? I used to take 20mg/day and now I am at 10mg/day and in a few days I should go for "every other day"
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