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anxiety and borderline paranoid thoughts



New member
Sep 15, 2019
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Hi everyone. This is my first post so I'm sorry of there are any rules or whatever I'm breaking in this post.
So today I was having a really good day. I went out with my boyfriend and met his amazing family for the first time, then after I went with him to McDonalds for a small snack. While we were eating, a guy with a bag rushed into the bathroom. SOOO, my brain decides to ruin everything and immidiately I start thinking, "What if he has a gun in that bag? He's going to come out of that bathroom and shoot my boyfriend in the head. Oh God, He's going to do that". All the while I'm having these vivid thoughts of my boyfriend being shot in the head in all that gory detail that I'll spare you. I felt doomed!
What is this? Can people with anxiety relate to this?
I am undiagnosed (family wont let me because of their beliefs in the nonexistence of mental health), but I do know that this is a form of anxiety. My breath picks up and when I think of the scenario it's like a super detailed daydream. Over and over sometimes. I never stop thinking about it, either. This has been happening since I was little, by the way.
Is this normal? How do I cope?
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

Well-known member
Forum Guide
Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
I can relate to that way of thinking x
I catastraphise (sorry cant spell) all the time and think bad things will happen from tiny little things and it is because of anxiety for me too
I think you should see a professional about this ,I understand your family may not want you to but it is important to get some support
you are very welcome to the forum ,we will listen and support the best we can
and if you seek professional support you may be offered medication or counselling which would help
I was wondering how often do you get these kinds of thoughts /feelings
welcome again
love Lu xxx


Well-known member
May 30, 2019
Sounds like OCD, which can take many forms, one of which is being obsessed that something bad is going to happen, or that you've done something bad. Other forms include unconnected, ritualistic actions (which you have control over) to ward off events you can't control. It is an extreme form of anxiety. If it gets worse, maybe consult a doctor. Medication or therapy can help.
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