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Anxiety and a Break Up



New member
Apr 15, 2018
So in a nutshell ... anxiety = sucks, break ups = suck! So what does a human who is suffering with severe anxiety do when their 5 year relationship suddenly ends (with pretty much no warning!). Well, as someone who is currently experiencing this I just wanted to share with you my journey so far and maybe some of you have also been through it? Maybe we can share some tips on how to survive this for those days where it feels like surviving is the last thing we want to do!

So, background - I am a 28 year old female who has suffered with severe anxiety and depression since i was around 8 years old. Certain life events have made these illnesses worse along the way but i have always had some form of mental health problem since as long as i can remember! I have tried numerous therapies, tablets, you name it really!! some have helped - and currently i am on fluoxitine and not currently having any therapy as I didn't find my last experience very helpful (but its different for everyone!). So I kind of plod along day to day and usually have a lot more good days than bad. However, recently my partner of 5 years decided he wasn't sure if he wanted marriage and children (something we have always spoken about and always been on the same page that we do both want this). Without going into all the long details, I am now back living at home with my parents while we decide what to do from here. Needless to say its been an emotional minefield!! Especially due to the fact we both still love each other and no one has actually done anything 'wrong' or 'unforgivable' so we are still talking occasionally (which my inner self is screaming at me to stop doing but i just cant!!)

People say 'take each day at a time' - well for me i am going with 'take each hour at a time' and on the bad days that gets cut to 10 minutes at a time! I never realised how many times my emotions could change within a few hours! From crying at my desk at work, to then having random outbursts of singing, to then screaming at my co-workers for often little reason!

I guess the point of this post is to just share with you all how i am feeling right now and maybe some of you guys have to? Some days i just feel like a complete weirdo and have no idea what mood is coming next - any advice out there for me?

I have tried a couple of things that have helped - including downloading a meditation app - which i love! it just helps me stay in the present and not worry too much about the future (although those thoughts always do creep back in!) and also staying busy helps! Even though the thought of it sometimes freaks me out more than anything, I have found forcing myself to go for a coffee with a friend helps massively

But on those days that are awful, I guess I just wanted to see what everyone else could suggest - and if i am the only one out there going through this?


Mr Ploppy

Nov 1, 2018
Dealing with generalised anxiety and keeping it together at work and just ending a five relationship = tough.

Sorry can’t give you advice, the fact you’re keeping your shit together through all that means actually your doing quite well in tough circumstances and should be proud of yourself.

Well done.


New member
Sep 14, 2018
Hi friend, I am so sorry for all that you are going through. Have you ever tried speaking with someone at a church or praying? I've found that faith in God is the key to wisdom, healing and breakthrough. I don't understand why your bf would suddenly end the relationship if you two have been on the same page the entire time. It isn't healthy for you to continue speaking with him after his decision and your separation. I am praying for your total healing.