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Anxiety after being a victim of crime. Could use advice.



Dec 28, 2020

I went through an intense incident that has caused me to have lots of anxious thoughts and feelings. I feel that I’ve created a larger problem in my head than what actually happened, and the anxiety is too much at times so I’m looking for some perspective or advice from others.

I was outside a store on the street I live on when a group of people started harassing me and threatened to rob me. This threat really took me off guard so I hit one of them (in defence) and this made them even more hostile. After that incident, I wasn’t really bothered because I just thought to myself it was random and wouldn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, I was near that store a few months later and that same group assaulted me in broad daylight, because of the incident from a few months prior.

I realize these people will not go far in life and I am over being angry about it, but because it happened on the street I live on, I have lots of anxiety around my house and when I need to take the bus, get groceries etc.

I did file a report with police but nothing came out of it.

Does anyone have some advice for on how to feel “comfortable” in the area again, even after being jumped twice?



Well-known member
Jun 13, 2016
Being attacked can be a highly traumatic experience. Have you had an opportunity to talk to someone about the finer details of everything that happened, and how it has affected you since? I know you mentioned having anxiety as a direct result, is it mostly because you fear being attacked again and not being able to deal with it? Fear has a nasty habit of making us react to things in a manner that we wouldn't do if we weren't experiencing fear... Take the fear out of the equation and it becomes easier to de-escalate, or find more peaceful alternatives, even walk back in the direction we came from. There are things we can do to keep safe. Some of them are crossing the road early while looking for a escape plan and see if they cross the road after you, do a u-turn to avoid a possible confrontation. Other things could be walk into a shop etc. before you get close to them and call the Police for advice etc or possibly have a friend walk with you... Have you considered taking up something like Mixed Martial Arts, it will teach you how to keep safe and remove a lot of the fear and anxiety you are experiencing right now... Hope this helps :)
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