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Anxiety affecting my relationahip



New member
Jan 26, 2020
Hi all!

I just joined and I feel like I really need some advice . I’ve been having problems with my fiancé the last few months and I can’t figure out if it’s anxiety related or not .

lately, his biggest complaint is that he has to “spell everything out” to me and I can’t take hints or read between the lines . Or that I have to know the reason behind everything he does or says . I feel like this is the normal me and nothing has changed, but he’s making me feel self conscious about it and it’s something that I feel like I can’t change. Do you think this is part of my anxiety ? I’ve been thinking that it may be , because sometimes I feel like I read way too much into certain situations and other times , I don’t think about them enough.

He also complains that I try to do too much , as far as being available to work all the time , as in, people calling or texting me and asking me questions when I’m off work, and offering to help my family when I feel like they are getting overwhelmed with something . I am busy, especially with trying to plan a wedding , but I feel like this is just me. Is this something that other people with anxiety struggle with? I never want to let anyone down or for anyone to have bad feelings about me . Most of the time I don’t feel overwhelmed or annoyed by any of it, but he does.

also, I want to go to couples counseling or even counseling on my own, but he is totally against it and doesn’t want me to go either . What are other things we can try if he isn’t willing ?

thanks in advance .


Active member
Dec 12, 2019
Some people cannot take hints or read between the lines, and other people learn to do so. I think this is marriage anxiety. But from what you have said I think that the situation is the cause of it, not anxiety in itself.
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