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Anxiety about sleep... insomnia from anxiety.



New member
Sep 29, 2019
Hi libtec,sorry to hear about your sleep problems. Hope you sleep well tonight😊how long you been on the diazepam for. My doctor won’t prescribe them. Freckles xx
Hi freckles, been taking diazepam for ages, I can take a lot and nothing happens, it’s crazy so I sometimes switch to zopiclone.

but Recently I’ve stopped the Zopiclone and the oxycodone, now just taking diazepam 15mg each night from not being able to take so much anxiety and being on high alert status.

I can tell you that taking sleeping pills or similar is like getting drunk and the quality of sleep is like being knocked out so it’s not the type of sleep anyone needs.

if you dream a lot then you are getting REM Deep sleep which is the best sleep and this recharge / heals, that is the good stuff.

Generally I suffer, but again guys I urge you to download an app called “ CALM” it’s free and they have sleep stories but the breathing can put me asleep after 10 mins, main issue is I just can’t stay asleep due to mild apenoa.

BTW melatonin takes about 3-5 days to regulate so be patient till it’s in the system and don’t expect overnight results, it’s a good way to encourage REM sleep.

Sleep hygiene is so important.

obviously do not look at phone if possible, or If must then at minimum silent it and face down, do not read the net and problems, laptops, tv etc. Electrical items in your room are apparently not good.

Use it for your clam app only

Also avoid working in the bedroom during the day. The bed is a place you should come to sleep not watch tv or laptop electronic stuff.

take a relaxing shower prior to sleep and set a ritual schedule to teach your brain what is going on. Form new habits and nerve messages to your brain re sleep.

Also one of the best things is my dyson fan blowing cool air at a reasonable level 3-5 in power, this has natural white noise and a cool breeze. Defo get a fan ideally a dyson if you can afford.

As time zone move each month and moon, sun rise and fall different locations all over the world the gravity pull will shift, might sling Quaker’s but sometimes I sleep the other end of the bed and this works., I also use a black cotton t shirt or vest over my eyes but not over my nose, this is much better than eye masks to black out anything.

My god save is my Bose noise cancelling earphones quiet comfort wireless, just switching the switch on creates a dead white noise instantly and sometimes I do not even listen to anything g but the sound of the earphone, or listen to some of the audioble bedtime stories or music made for sleeping, this realy works well with a fan and breathing.

I always sleep much better in the morning time and struggle to get up.

Im starting to make my own sleep music that is a balance of white noise with a specific drift into sleep, birds, water, stings, classical chill, deep single long sound waves without any loud music kicking in to awake. Once I’ve done a few more I will load them to sound cloud for everyone for free use. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

remember sleep is about quality not quantity, if you can have a nap despite many people saying don’t, other Professionals say do that sometimes it’s good for you especially if your body needs it. I always take the opportunity for a 20-30 min nap, which is more a meditation state of being zoned out.

fact - Sleeping without being intoxicated with drugs or alcohol will give more longer lasting results. I know this because when I sleep without drugs my sleep is REM.

hope this helps my fellow worldwide troubled sleepers.


New member
May 3, 2021
United States
Everyday I want try fall a sleep in bed but failed. minimum 2 hours later sleep. my problem daily basis . I try to read book, exercise not work.
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