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antipsychotics working too well?



New member
Jan 10, 2015
Recently I have been suffering from low mood. My cpn thinks that my antipsychotic is working too well at the dose I am at (400 mg depot of Clopixol every 3 weeks) and that I was a lot better at the lower dose I was on before (300 mg).

The current dose I am at is making the voices a lot quieter - in fact I have managed to get rid of one. I am in two minds whether I was better off on the lower dose - I preferred having the two voices, just I hated them when they were in control. But on the other hand it's such a relief to have just the one voice and I feel calmer and less stressed.

But my cpn thinks that the higher dose is suppressing too much of me and that's why I feel low. We are reluctant to change antipsychotic because it's been such a life saver for me and I am doing so much better - I am getting out more, my concentration has improved, and since starting Clopixol I havent self injured (my main reason of me self injuring is because the voices used to make me stressed). I have Clopixol tablets and diazapam prn (also procyclidine prn) which my cpn is thinking I should take on the lower dose. I dont want to get rid of my voices because they provide company, I just dont want them controlling me.

I am also possibly facing being inpatient because the risk of harming myself is quite high because of my low mood. But I was in hospital last year due to low mood and trying to kill myself. My cpn doesnt want me in hospital, and thinks it is due to time of year.

So my question is, has anyone had their antipsychotics work too well and taken too much of the voices away? Is there any way of getting things better other than lowering the dose?


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Oct 16, 2014
Well this is a tough one, id say normally that if things are working for you and you are stable as the doctors would call it then id reccomend not changing anything, as long as you can live with your current situation, but if the medicine takes too much of yourself away then isnt that a bad option aswell? i totally understand your predicament here, and it's a tough one.

I guess in the end of it all only you can know how you really feel, and if you dont want to lower the medicine and think you are fine as you are now, then why change anything? it's okay to disagree with your cpn they arent always right, as they are only human beings aswell, but if you feel low could there be other reasons than the medicine doing it?

I noticed you are also on diazepam, when i was on diazepam i had to take them to feel better, and when i did i still felt worse, as i got weaned to them, what dosage of diazepam are you on?

And if you have to be inpatient a while to sort out your medicine, then so be it right? i mean anything to avoid you having bad thoughts and possibly doing something you cant take back, additionally there are antidepressants and mood stabilisers if things are low, which can have an effect as they do on me personally.

However i always suggest doing things naturally, which means trying to exercise as it releases dopamine and seretonin in our brain if i remember correctly from what ive read, and reduces cortisol which is a fact, and that is the stress hormone, but of course the desire to train has to be there, and this can be difficult for some.

I hope you try to enjoy things as maybe starting going for walks in your everyday situation, maybe hiking it can be anything that involves moving your body, such as swimming/hiking/aerobic/football/etc and these things will also give you a social network, usually which you maybe didnt already have.

It doesnt have to be exercise, other things such as taking different lessons in music, or something differently, basically just finding a hobby can keep our mind off things and work as a stress reliever.

Now my curiosity rests only on how much diazepam you are taking, ill look forward to your answer.
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