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Antidepressents: Yes or No?



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Feb 14, 2010
Hello everyone,

My situation is really complicated. For the past few years I've had mild episodes of depression as well as what now I know is called hypomania, but I hadn't been seen by a doctor until this November. It all started with really bad anxiety problems and other health problems like gastritis and IBS because of the anxiety and my GP prescribed Citalopram (SSRI). I had awful side effects and within a few days I was a lot worse and after two weeks I couldn't bear it any more and the GP gave me prozac which pushed me completely over the edge and made me hypomanic. After a few days I crashed and became suicidal. I stopped taking it of course, and then I was given sedatives and was referred to a psychiatrist who also gave me Zyprexa, a mood stabiliser.
That improved things, but then I went away for a week by myself and that I think ruined everything; I came back in a mixed state and now I feel depressed for most of the time, and as I stopped taking valium I'm back to square one in terms of anxiety....The doctor also tried antipsychotics but I had so many side effects I was told to stop taking them...

Sorry for the very long message, my question is this: Is it better to try sit it out than resort to antidpressents?? Sometimes I feel I can do it but some others I just can't bear it :( On the other hand my body has been through so much lately I'm scared ot taking more drugs...
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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
hi katieroo

i think it would be best if you speak to your doc about taking anti d's. if you have bipolar i know ad's can make you high, but there are some that you can take. im on lamotrigine at the moment. seems to be ok so far (keep my fingers crossed)